I guess it must be Spring..

The grass is growing, it rains instead of snows but it has not been the warmest of Springs. Yesterday, a check of the outdoor thermometer showed we barely broke 50 degrees. But, Spring it is. The trees are covered in leaves, the lambs are on the ground and the ground does not freeze overnight J Ah, yes, lambs. We had 14 lambs born over about a two week period. There we no problems, no bottle lambs to deal with and all the lambs are doing great, getting lots of exercise and growing fast.

The grass grows pretty fast this time of year and the sheep love to be out on it, grazing from pasture to pasture, onto new grass every few days. They all look great, the lambs are healthy and what few cars we have on our road stop from time to time to watch the lambs play. It is a great time of year.

On the horse front, one of our young students, Molly, has been competing with her High school equestrian team in the High School equestrian competition. Her first showing experience but she has worked and trained hard with Spike, the horse she has been riding, and has done a fantastic job with him, really jelled as a rider/horse combination and has qualified for the State Championship High School show in three different classes – Go Molly. Parents are pretty proud about her as well, as they should be.

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