Has Spring finally arrived?

Well, so far we would have to say no but it is starting to look promising. From snow last Monday to 50’s and sun today with the 5 day forecast pointing to warmer weather it looks like it might just be on its way. Let’s hope so and let’s hope the sun and warmer air help dry us all out from the mud season we are currently enjoying.

Lambing isn’t due to start for us for another couple of weeks – we are lambing later this year to try to get lambing into the warmer spring weather – but we are getting ready for that fun time and we expect to have everyone sheared before lambing so that is always fun to see and be part of, when they are sheared they look like different sheep!

Horses are all ready for spring, starting to drop their winter coats and they are ready to spend the days outside instead of just short afternoon visits, one it dries up guys, once it dries up….. We might even be able to get on the outdoor area soon and not have to ride indoors.

Molly, one of our riders here at the barn, will be starting her high school equestrian season this weekend riding for her school team, a bunch of the barn folks will be there to cheer her on – Go Molly!

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