Fall sets in….


The trees are now full into the color display typical of this time of year. Yellow, red, golden colors are all spread across the landscape. Fall is a busy time here at Spinner Farm, getting everything ready for winter. The horse blankets have all been unpacked from summer storage, checked for any damage and have already seen some use. The sheep are all looking good, this is my favorite time of year for fleece length – I think they look great this time of year. We have also started selection of which ewes will be breed to which ram and will start breeding in November. All the rams and the ewes have been on an increased diet lately and look good – with the cooler weather here now the ewes are starting to cycle so we should be good to go when we put the rams in. We are also busy putting in some new fencing – sheep fencing as we make some additional hard wired pastures – these will need to be ready before the winter sets in so we have additional winter pastures to split the flock up into the separate groups, either with the correct ram or into the group of the ‘too old or too young to breed’.

Summer was busy this year, and a sad one as we lost Mattie. We have many pictures and memories of her and I am convinced she comes to visit us here every now and again just to check up on us. I think the other dogs miss her as well.

Horses have done well this year at the shows and we will continue to work on their training over the winter, it will slow down during the holiday season but then pick up the pace again as everyone has to be ready for the early spring show circuits.

Soon the weather will turn colder and we will soon be into November and we will start planning the holiday season which, as we all know, will be upon us very quickly – it seems even more quickly if we don’t get our planning done!

From all of us here at Spinner Farm, the livestock, the dogs, cats and all the boarders and frequent visitors, to all of you – May your holiday season go well, may Thanksgiving and Christmas be a time for friends and family and may you all have a great end of the year.







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