Rain and more rain….

Well, here we are entering the 2nd half of March and we have a big storm this weekend. It did start out as a light snow but now is just a heavy rain. I am glad we are not getting a big dumping of snow but we are expecting a couple of inches of rain and that will cause flooding for some folks in the area. I also think the rain might help wash away a lot of the snow we still have on the ground, which might be a good thing because it might help us get some early new grass. This would not only help us directly but would also help out the hay produces in the area which helps us all in the long run.

We had an interesting nighttime visitor this past week – one of our trail cameras got a cool picture of a bobcat at 4:30 AM right in the same spot we have seen coyotes, foxes and even some turkeys. Cool picture, I may post it up here on the blog in the post or two.

Stay tuned…..

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