A tough few days..

Well, February decided to go out with a bang. A big snow storm dumped about a foot of heavy wet snow, this was followed by a few inches of heavy, cold rain. The ground is frozen and the run-off areas for the foundation drain were covered with ice. Thursday night was spent outside chipping away the ice to get the water to run off to the storm drain. With help from our barn friends, Bill and his twin boys Cole and Logan and with Matt, our friend Dan’s son, we did get the ice cleared away and the water draining.

Got back inside, dried off, then we lost power. Seems like well over 250,000+ NH residents lost power Thursday night with hurricane force winds knocking down trees and power lines. I must admit it reminded me of the ice storm of December 2008 where we lost power for almost 10 days! This time we got the generator running to power the well and other appliances and we turned up the gas heat to stay warm. Power came back late Saturday night so we were only out for a couple of days – others are not so lucky with many homes still without power 4 days after the storm hit.

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